Heartseed株式会社がLabiotech.euで紹介されました!~ Japan’s five hottest biotech companies in healthcare~

当協議会幹事会員のHeartseed株式会社(本社:東京都新宿区 代表取締役社長:福田 恵一)は、「日本で最も注目されるヘルスケア分野のバイオテクノロジー企業5社」にLabiotech.euで紹介されました。


Here’s an excerpt from the article:
We’ve listed five of the hottest private biotech companies in Japan.
These firms, shown in alphabetical order, have raised large funding rounds in the last two years and are developing innovative treatments for a range of conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease and inflammatory disorders.
~ Japan’s five hottest biotech companies in healthcare~
1. Chordia Therapeutics Inc.
2. Heartseed Inc.
3. LUCA Science Inc.
4. Modulus Discovery Inc.
5. Noile-Immune Biotech Inc.

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